Changing External URL to SharePoint 2010 (Alternate Access Mapping)

I installed the public demo of SharePoint 2010 right after its release on a Virtual box based Windows 2008 64 bit install. Although the documentation suggests that one needs at least 4 GB of memory but I am running this install on a VM configuration of around 2 GB and it is working smooth for me.

For a client demo we released that some URLs for the external access to the SharePoint install were being redirected to the internal URL, hence those pages did not work for external access. After 5 minutes of effort I found out that it’s a very simple configuration in the central administration at Central Administration – > Alternate Access Mapping, that allows one to provide an external facing URL to the SharePoint install.

The main point to note over here, is that my experience with SharePoint 2010 has been a very pleasant one, its relatively easy to find what you are looking for, and over all look and feel of not only the front end but admin section has been simplified, which provides an excellent user experience.