While reading Joe Stagner’s blog I came across a very interesting screencast series about using RESTful services using WCF, after going throw few of them I realized how easy it was to put a RESTful service infront of your existing API, The list of screencasts from Rob Bagby can be found on his blog or at Joe Stagners blog post.

Silverlight 2, WPF and .net client profile

I attended the MS event “Rich Internet Applications with Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1” presented by Mike Taulty , I was quite impressed with new features of Silverlight 2 and WPF. My understanding was that WPF could only be used in windows desktop applications, but it turns out that it can be compiled to be run as a application running of a web server. However the big draw back in my view was the requirment of windows XP (SP 2) / Vista  and presence of .net framework on the client machine, I can understand why the dependency was but from a pratical point of view I find it very limited. Only big enterprises with MS intrastrucure will be inclined to develop using WPF as a web based solution.

.NET Framework Client Profile is a cut down version of .net framework, created to support web based and windows deployment, but still being 28 MB in size is quite a lot, and I do not see people waiting for a 28 MB install before they can view a web page unless they are forced to do it in an intranet environement.

Over all I found the features impressive and using XAML at the backend means they are interoperable as well, which is great.

Looking forward to getting my head into silverlight 2.

Enabling Sharepoint Intellisense in Visual Studio 2008

Styling Sharepoint sites depends heavily on creating and editing XML files that need to follow sharepoint schema.

the first thing to note is if WSS (Windows Sharepoint Services) are installed on the same machine as you Visual Studio on not, Microsoft suggests to develop Sharepoint application on a windows server 2003, so that debugging and testing is facilitated.

If Visual Studio is on the WSS machine then all you need to do is create a xml file e.g sharepoint.xml in the folder Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Xml\Schemas

Place the following code in it

<SchemaCatalog xmlns="">
<Schema href="%CommonProgramFiles%/Microsoft Shared/web server extensions/12/TEMPLATE/XML/wss.xsd" targetNamespace="" />

Restart Visual Studio and add the following line to your top most element xmlns="" in your XML file this should enable intellisense in your XML file.

For Environments where WSS is not installed on the same machine, wss.xsd file can be copied to the development machine and the above code altered to point to the xsd file location.