Install an Assembly into the Global Assembly Cache

On Windoze one can install assembles into Global assembly cache to make assembly accessible from everywhere on the machine, there are four main ways to install assembly into global assembly cache , but the one that I found to be the easiest and available by default on windows is the Assembly Cache Viewer (Shfusion.dll) , using this method one can use windows explorer to drag the assembly file into the global cache folder at windows\assembly however this method requires that the assembly is strongly typed, in order to do that one has to sign the assembly, In Visual studio this can be done by click on the class library project properties and select Signing tab and then selecting Sign the assembly.

Note: On Windows Vista I was getting Access denied message on trying to use Assembly Cache Viewer although I was performing the copy using Administrative rights, and ended up using .NET Framework Configuration Tool (Mscorcfg.msc) which worked like a charm for me. So if you are getting the same issue better try using the alternate ways of installing the assembly .