Highlights of FOWA 2008 day 2

Thanks to my colleague Christoph Schmaltz I was able to go to FOWA on day 2. It was an interesting experience, I have not been to such a big technology conference before, and it was a good learning experience , I attended most of the presentations in the developer tack, however the most interesting talk was from Kathy Sierra on “how to grow and nurture your community”, the main idea that Kathy stressed was about creating a culture of passion among users to solve their tasks, its all about making the “users kick ass” rather then getting the “product to kick ass”, hand holding users to be champions is the only way to gain adoption and to maintain it. I have had Kathy’s book “Head First Design Patterns” for sometime but had not read it as yet, however after listening to her I came home and the first thing I did was to start reading her book 🙂

The most interesting stall was from Microsoft because of Microsoft Surface, it was my first look at this futuristic invention, very very interesting, viewing the demo of Microsoft surface I am quite sure that we will be seeing more of them pretty soon. Considering that it costs 15,000 dollars a piece I don’t think its going to be a big investment for hotels, pubs etc to use it as a customer attraction.

Since I have been working with REST in WCF now a days and have had some issues getting the required information, I discussed it with Mike Taulty at microsoft and he was very kind to guide me towards Astoria Data Services to sort out our requirements.

Listening to QA with Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook was interesting and made me think the possibilities that the internet holds today.