Google black navigation bar and background image (it was Google Plus )

Update 29th June 2011: Seems I for some reason started to see features for Google plus . Google plus is the new social network from google with google circles to allow people to add people to their network, Hangout for video sharing, and sparks to show you content specific to the topics you are interested in.

I was surprised to see quite a few changes for me on google search today, and it seems that not everyone is seeing the same changes as I am, maybe its got to do with me using Chrome, and my preferences.

Google black Navigation bar

Do I like them? Considering that the background image can be turned on and off for each person its basically up to ones own choice, but as far as the top navigation is concerned I did not chose it to be black, however to me its quite refreshing, as it gives me a much better visibility of the navigation and other options available to me. It surely bring to my attention all the other features that are available within google. I wonder if google is trying to be as agile with its release process as facebook, through which they want to experiment and based on user response decide to keep a specific feature or not.

One thing is for sure, no matter how big you are you are bound to steal clever ideas from competitors, however in this instance googles use of background image is not as clever as bing (What is it? idea). Google doodle is original and works for me.

Changing Jive SBS base url

We recently moved our staging jive SBS to production and where concerned about url’s becoming invalid, and that is exactly what happened. However after a little bit of investigation we found out that it was more of a jive configuration issue rather than static URL’s generated by the application.

So after some investigation we found out that we need to rest the setup and reconfigure the base URL. Which sorted out the issue for us.

End of Support Announcement from Atlassian for all things Enterprise

Atlassian last week announced end of support for Announcement , which to me is a suicide on the enterprise end. Discontinuing support for Enterprise grade Java severs like Websphere, Weblogic and JBoss and only supporting tomcat is not going to take them a long way within the enterprise environment. I can understand that it’s heavy on their development and support costs, but then the simple solution would have been to provide two versions of the product, one standard, which only has support for tomcat, and other enterprise, which supports all things enterprise including IE 6. The difference in cost could then be used to support the enterprise grade features.

I think Atlassian needs to seriously consider this announcement otherwise they run the risk of being excluded from being considered an enterprise grade wiki.

Installing Google notebook extension of Firefox 3.5.x

I love google notebook, it helps me organize my daily activities and I use it as a task tracker as well. I had the firefox google notebook extension installed in previous version of firefox, but it fails to upgrade when I moved to firefox 3.5. However after some investigation I found out this very useful post of how to go about installing google notebook extension for firefox 3.5.2 , it worked really well for me and I though I should share this information as well.

Visual Studio 2008 Internal Web Server stopped working in Vista

I have been debugging perfectly fine using Visual Studio 2008 using visual studio internal web server, but suddenly today it stopped working (maybe due to windows update, but still not sure about the cause of this suddenly not working), On starting the debugger IE came up with a blank page saying the page could not be opened, same happened in firefox when I tried to use that for debugging, It took me sometime to realize that this was due to a vista Issue, IPv6 gets installed with Vista and cannot be un-installed or disabled easily, and that creates the problem. I followed this post to sort out my issue.

The main action that sorted this out for me was to edit the hosts file in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc

and change the localhost entry from

::1             localhost


:::1             localhost

one more Collen.

So if you are having this issue as well, do not pull your hair out but follow the post linked above or change your host file entry for localhost as explained above.

Return Newely Created ID of Record using Typed Datasets

When Using typed datasets, Visual Studio Automatically creates the Update, and Insert Methods, however the return integer value indicate if the record was added successfully or not, in order to get the ID of the newely created entry one can access the ID field of the original dataset that was used to add contents to the database.

In order to make this happen one needs to enable “Refresh the data table” in Advanced Options

once done, on update the source datatable contents will be updated with the inserted Id of the new record.

[System.ComponentModel.DataObjectMethodAttribute(System.ComponentModel.DataObjectMethodType.Select, true)]
public int AddModule(dsDomainModules.tblDomainModulesRow Module)
int nResult = 0;
dsDomainModules.tblDomainModulesDataTable objModule = new dsDomainModules.tblDomainModulesDataTable();
if (_dsDomainModulesTableAdapter.Update(objModule) == 1) //update was successful
nResult = Module.nModuleId;
catch (Exception ex)
//do something with exception
return nResult;

disable windows vista magnifier on startup

This took me sometime to find out, and finally found this at a forum.

Go to All Programs — Go to Accessories — Go to Ease of Access — Go to Ease of Access Center — Click the blue link titled Make computer easier to see — UNCHECK turn on Magnifier — Click Apply and then exit… Restart computer and make sure that magnifier does not start upon startup.

Ease of Access Screen 1

Ease of Access Screen 1


Ease of Access Screen 2

Ease of Access Screen 2