installing PEAR on windows XP with php 5.2.x

I had some rough time getting pear run on windows when it was such an easy task 🙂

Pear comes bundles with php 5.2.x and while installing php make sure that you customize the install to include pear and if you are installing any extensions you have the correct path setup for their libs otherwise you will get dll errors when you run php from command prompt. e.g in my install I selected all extensions however most of the extensions depended on other software on your machine and its lib’s to be included in the path, so unless you are going to use it don’t include it 🙂

Once php gets installed go to the php install folder which by default is at c:\program files\php (although I installed it at c:\php5 ) and run the command go-pear, this will ask you a set of questions, I accepted the default values which installed pear on my system. the pear executable is placed in the same folder as php.

Once pear was installed I also ran the registry file created by pear install to setup environment variables.

Once done I installed my required packages by using the command

pear install <package name>

the list of packages can be found at

the name will be the name of individual package, e.g HTML_Form

pear install HTML_Form

this will download the package from the online repository and install it on your machine.

You might have to restart the web server to get it running.

That is it, if you have any questions then please do comment on this post or email me at

Happy coding 🙂