OS X Mavericks: Finder closes and restarts

I upgraded to Mac OSX Mavericks yesterday. After the upgrade the finder window keeps on closing and restarting. It is quite annoying as it happens almost every one minute. After a quick google I came to know that other users have been having the same issue. The quick solution after going through the linked post is to disable google drive integration with finder, which is not working well and crashing causing finder to get restarted.

Installing Windows on Mac

I have to do mixed development using php, java and, and wanted running on a MAC. So first I tried out mono which is still running on my MAC book pro, but had huge problems installing monodevelop, so I though I need to get windows on the MAC to work with Visual Studio. I am pretty new with MAC, so read a bit about available options, the main options available are boot camp and parallels , First I tried using boot camp but then soon realized that it requires atleast service pack 2 of windowsXP as one CD, which I did not have, I had service pack 1 CD for windows XP and then separate CD for service pack 2, hence the next option was parallels.

Parallels is not a freeware so one has to buy a license for it, however I must say the license is worth it. I managed to install parallels in few minutes, and then windows XP on top of it with some effort, because of faulting windows XP CD’s not for any issues with parallels itself. Once installed I can work in windows as just one of the MAC windows which is great. Parallels desktop created drivers for windows and installed itself, so I did not do anything extra to enable the wireless access etc. The MAC menu bar shows applications running in windows as separate apps so I can directly switch into each, which is just beautiful. I did make few changes to the VM setup before I installed windows like assigning 1 GB of RAM to the VM instance and also assigning 40 GB of hard disk space to it.

Since my initial setup I have since installed Visual Studio, and SQL Server Professional edition on the VM and it is working great.

So overall so far my experience has been great, windows flies on my intel MAC book pro, and haven’t had a single crash or issue since I installed it, so I highly recommend using parallels.