Filtering information for peers, bringing sanity to information overload


The amount of information that we go through every day is increasing by the day, and its becoming hard to keep up with everything. Even with internal company channels the amount of information is hard to keep up along with doing our daily jobs. There is a constant fear of missing out on things.


What we feel like having is an army of people filtering out relevant information for us to review later on, but wait is that not something that is available withRead it later but with an extension of not just the articles that we want to read but the social channel updates that we might be interested in, so important links and conversation summary from Twitter, Facebook , Skype group and social cast Merged with key articles of the day, for us to review when we have time. A focused merger of company wide and external channels that we work with everyday.


The solution seems Pretty straight forward, what is needed is two key factors

1) Registration of interests

2) Automation of filtration based on interests, or Groups that are willing to filter important information for us based on our interests

Automation of such a task across so many channels is quite a complicated goal to accomplish, although not impossible but for now I think we are still not technologically ready to achieve that gracefully.

The best approach is to crowd source this filtration, your peers have a better understanding of what you are interested in. So if I spend half an hour or so on social channels than I can filter stuff for my peers as I go through the contents. Sharing can be based on individuals or groups based on their current interests.

The technical solution will look something like a browser plugin or an add-in to the various social software applications we use, so that the process of sharing with peers becomes a simple and straight forward task, and is built into the system that we are using.

The interest based filtered contents can then show up as an email digest or activity stream on a website, or even better if they can be channeled back to one of the social software channels being used (Show up in linkedin / socialcast or facebook as the reading of the day).

If there is something out there that already does that, then please do direct me to it, this will bring sanity to my information overload and take this constant fear of missing out away from me.


After reviewing this idea a bit further I realised that filtration can be managed by distributing the filtration process to individual client machines. Although the personal configuration for content interests stays in a central location (probably a site hosted on a cloud based platform), client application on each individuals machine can sync the configuration and process the contents from each social software source being processed for interests. Once specific contents are found matching the interests, suggestions are provided to the user, who chooses the relevant contents which are then uploaded to the server.

This is the key idea that I am working on , and will add and elaborateness my thinking as I go forward with it.