Unable to open CHM help file

I was sent a CHM file from one of our software vendors, and I was unable to view the contents. Although the file enclosed in the zip opened up, but individual pages will not display.

After requesting a revised version from the vendor I came to know that it’s more of a security issue on windows rather than anything to do with the chm file itself.

Please check out URL below if you are having problem viewing contents of a chm file on windows.


In short view the properties of the chm file, and click on the unblock button to unblock the chm file, which blocks the chm file from opening properly.

Atlassian User group London Dec 2007

The Atlassian User group this year was less technical and more business centered. The main thing that came out was the fact that Enterpises are now slowly and gradually trying to keep up with the rest of the world and adopt social networking tools to build better working environment. Atlassian although claim that all customers are the same to them, but their future development roadmap seem to indicate that they are now trying to put their efforts to satisfy the needs of bigger enterpises. More concentration is towards adding new features rather then sorting out the existing trouble aspects of the application, which does indicate that the market is getting very compatitive with other Enterpise wiki’s springing up each day with better capabilities from groudup.

File Associations in Eclipse

This might be quite simple for most, but I ended up spending half an hour to find this option in Eclipse. I am using eclipse for velocity editing and by default the associated files are vm and vsl, however the velocity files that I had were vmd, so wanted to associate vmd with velocity editor. For all of those who have shared my pain, the option is available under the tab of Windows -> Preferences -> General -> Editors -> File Associations.

Changing install permissions in firefox 1.5

Firefox 1.5 no long has a interface in the options interface to enable or disable installation of software. In order to toggle this value one has to use the “about:config” of firefox to get this done. In the address bar type about:config this will display a list of all available options for firefox, using this interface toggle the value of “xpinstall.enabled” entry.

The details are listed at this link.