Is current awareness using rss aggregators dead?

For years we have tried to make businesses understand the value of RSS aggregator’s for current awareness. Our focus has always been to make the business understand the need for tailored news to meet the specific needs. A filtration process that reduces the noise through collective intelligence and build on crowd sourced information. It seems that now is the time when the businesses have started to catchup with the idea and have started looking into engaging with the tools that allow them to crowd source current awareness. However it seems that its not rss aggregators that have won the battle but microblogging, which has become a popular way to discover and exchange news. An amazing thing that has happened over the last few years is that we have multiple products as well as hosted solutions to bring that vision to reality. The products have come to understand business requirements and tailored their implementations accordingly. Over the past few months I have moved from Rss Readers like feedly to getting most of my current awareness from podcasts and twitter updates. Question then is whats the best way forward for current awareness in the enterprise, do the people no longer use RSS aggregators and go directly to microblogging  platforms with moderated contents ? So what do you use to get your daily industry news ?

1 thought on “Is current awareness using rss aggregators dead?

  1. As an IT, despite giving RSS many chances through different apps, I could never get used to it. I always forgot about it for three days, and then the number of pending articles scared me.

    In contrast, I’ve been using Twitter since 2009, and I still find it practical, funny and diverse. It gets me informed of important news pretty fast, and shows me kinds of people I never thought about, without all of the random long posts at Facebook (which I don’t like at all except for specific situations). And I find it quick to write or share anything I find interesting.

    Anyway, is there no standard way to receive an RSS feed from a Twitter account?

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