Few observations on project scope managment

Over the past few years I have observed few reasons which cause a scope creep during project delivery. I wanted to document this for my own future benefit and any other unfortunate souls out there who have to face the same situation.

Who is out consultancy client and why does that matter?

Time and time again it seems that we are challenged in projects to close off the scope and meet the client requirements.

One of the key reasons of not being able to close off scope and meet the requirements is to determine the Client within stakeholders. We generally take the person who acts as the CLIENT CONNECTION to be the actual client and follow requirements set forth by him, but most of the times it turns out that actually our client was the manager of the person we have been communicating with, and when it comes to making a decision of wether we fulfilled the requirements or not, it turns out that the our CLIENT CONNECTION had limited decision power.

So our client is

1) The Person who employes us in the first place

2) Individual who makes the final decision about our services

3) Person who pays for our services

Chances are that for each engagement there will be multiple stake holders for our consultancy service, and each stake holder has his own agenda, and its hard to get a final decision from all of them, so the only way forward for us is to act as a mediator between the stake holders(or use one of the client contact as the person who will resolve conflicts), as long as they agree to some extent between them, and we have a written agreement of requirements we will be fine, otherwise we will not be able to fulfil our goal, and achieve the required acceptance from stake holders. Fulfilling requirements for all individual stake holders will always result in loss of profit and trust from the Key Client.

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