Some SharePoint 2010 findings

While going through some business requirement analysis for SharePoint 2010 I came across these useful resources that I think are worth sharing as they focus on specific topic’s under consideration.

Blog Customization

Display recent changes
SharePoint 2010 profile customisation and integration with other systems

Authentication methods

IBM websphere integration

Sending update Notifications to Email Distribution group

It is possible to send document updates to members of a email distribution list
in two main ways
1) Alerts for the documents and lists, and putting the distribution list and the to source
2) Create a work flow and automate it to send out updates to a distribution list
“Instead of Security Groups, it’s possible to just have some custom SharePoint groups with users in them, and this could be managed by the site admin or individual owners of each group could be given control of their respective groups.  These groups could be referenced in an SPD workflow based off metadata within the submitted doc.  So, let’s say someone submits a doc and selects “Finance” in a department dropdown.  The workflow would kick off, read the Finance metadata from the Department field, and then send the email to the SharePoint Group that you specify for any Finance-related doc.  You’d have to do your mapping in SPD with conditions (If Finance, then send email to Finance Leadership Team).  This is one way to do it without code, but there are other ways.  It just depends on the exact requirements and tools available.”
It is also possible to Sync SharePoint AD Groups with Distributionlist, however not vise versa.
It is also possible to send out emails to Documents and Lists within SharePoint
SharePoint 2010 browser and office compatibility



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