Fake Security alert on windows 7

I started getting fake windows security alert on my windows 7 PC.
The fake security alert would not allow me to run any applications or cancel the alert, it keeps on prompting me to buy the release version of an antivirus software online.
I have windows Security Essentials and windows defender installed on my machine.
I created a new account and was able to execute applications without any problems in that account, which indicated to me that the application was setup in that accounts personal data folders.
I could not find any windows service or installed application which could indicate any problem with the system.
After some investigation I found out that this is a spyware called antispyoem.com, found various guides online to clean it up from the computer, but most of the details did not work for me. since the executable was not found in the users personal folder that had an issue. http://www.spywareremove.com/removeAntispyoemcom.htmlhttp://blog.teesupport.com/how-to-guide-remove-antispyoem-com-antispyoem-removal-guide/
What I did initially was to login to the machine using an account different to the affected account. The spyware did not show up in the new account.
If the affected account is not critical then the simplest solution will be to delete the user account in question, and start using an alternate account. To save me time and grief that is what I have adopted and its working fine for me now.

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