Getting Started With Windows Azure Development

In order to start working with Windows Azure Development following components are required

Windows® Azure™ Software Development Kit

Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio

Login to Windows Azure services

Windows Azure Consists of following four main components

  • Windows Azure: Provides a Windows-based environment for running applications and storing data on servers in Microsoft data centers.
  • Microsoft
    .NET Services: Offers distributed infrastructure services to cloud-based and local applications.
  • Microsoft
    SQL Services: Provides data services in the cloud based on SQL Server.
  • Live Services: Through the Live Framework, provides access to data from Microsoft’s Live applications and others. The Live Framework also allows synchronizing this data across desktops and devices, finding and downloading applications, and more.

    In order to develop a hello word web cloud service I installed the SDK and found the following Visual Studio templates installed in my VS 2008.

    In order to run the Service Bus Echo sample I compiled the sample placed at C:\Program Files\Microsoft .NET Services (Nov 2008 CTP) SDK\Samples\ServiceBus\GettingStarted\Echo\CS35

    Which is a simple Echo application. On running the application I was able to connect to my Windows Azure online Service bus end point by providing the solution name and the password for the solution set in the service Credentials interface. Similarly I was able to connect to the Service using the client application and the resulting echo sent from the client application was Echoed on the Server application. So in short the client and server where able to talk to each other through an intermediate service bus provided by windows Azure services. If this client and server live in separate data centres behind firewall or whatever, as long as they can access the internet they will be able to communicate to each other.

    This all looks very interesting and I am inclined to look into it in more detail and utilize my windows Azure account to develop applications against it.References :

    the excellent White Paper by David Chappell

    Blog post by Mike Ormond

    MSDN Azure Services platform

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