Windows DreamScene is nice

Although of not much real use, but at times I do like to play around with my desktop background, while checking the windows updates I came across Windows DreamScene , which was listed as one of the optional updates, curious about what it is, I did some googling and came across a detailed page explaining that DreamScene allows you to use alternate multimedia like Video’s as your desktop background, I ended up installing the optional software, and once enabled got a waterfall video showing up as my desktop background, very nice and relaxing for my nerves, but unfortunately this feature is only available with Windows Vista Ultimate (Installed at home PC), and I have business addition at office, otherwise it would have been nice to setup a nerve calming video as my office desktop backgroud, so that each time I minimize my applications I can see the video of my last summer holiday πŸ™‚

Video background using DreamScene

Video background using DreamScene

3 thoughts on “Windows DreamScene is nice

  1. Okay I agree MS is behind lots of things, but hey what I am point out is they are trying to play catchup πŸ™‚ , however there is big difference about releasing something to 10 people who are ever going to use it to release a feature to 10 million or whatever !

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