What’s wrong with these service providers?

I am generally not that cynical, but after quite a few experiences with service provides here in the UK I have grown angry and frustrated with the way they handle customers.

The latest shock for me was to realize that I have been charged the full broadband fee by Toucan after two months of disconnection and transferring my account to Sky broadband, I had been with Toucan for more then two years but when I switched to Sky and called for MAC code from Toucan they told me that I was entered into a new Contract since I changed my broadband package from 2MB to 8MB 10 months ago, and I could not transfer until the contract expired, that’s just great!  Specially when this was not even mentioned to me when I switched from 2BM to 8MB. However being a good customer I kept on paying two more months to both Toucan and Sky and once the contract expired got the MAC code from Toucan and supplied to Sky and got the connection switched, my Toucan online account said that the account was marked for disconnection. The Direct Debit was also cleared from my bank account. Now after two months while going through my emails I realise that I am still being billed by toucan and on checking my Direct Debit setup I realised that Toucan had again setup the Direct Debit and were charging me L .

In my anger I could not sleep the whole night and called toucan customer services first thing in the morning and gave them my peace of mind, their argument was that Sky had not informed them about the MAC code being activated by them, the general excuse like always, place the blame on someone else L  and hide your incompetency. Toucan have said that they will return my money, but still all of this had left me with a very bitter feeling about Toucan and their services, the broadband speed itself was horrible.

The moral of all this post is not to trust in anything these service providers say and bug them until you get what you want otherwise they will find ways to stitch you up, and bring grief to you. Had the same experience when I switch from npower to Scottish Power Last year for my Electricity and Gas supply and they not only made me lose money but kept me in limbo for 3 months or so L , so my suggestion is to adopt a no trust policy when working with any service providers, and keep yourself alert and informed of all their rules and regulations.

Anybody else like to share their experience and anguish is most welcome 🙂 , suggestions to avoid such situation will be great.

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