sql sitemap provider and SQL service brokers

while trying to use sql sitemap provider by Jeff Prosise I came across few issues, and one of the issue was related to SQL Server service brokers. It turns out that SQL server 2005 ships with a new feature called Service broker, according to which applications can interact with the database in an asynchronous way exchanging information in message queues, I was quite impressed by the feature, and although I have just read about it, it seems to be a very useful one to develop reliable and scalable applications. The .net code that I was trying to use was throwing a message of SQL Service broker not enabled for the database, which after a little investigation I found out can be enabled by just using the command


The details about SQL Service broker can be found at MS site

2 thoughts on “ sql sitemap provider and SQL service brokers

  1. Hi Imran,
    I read the article of jeff and tried to apply, i followed all instractions and enabled service brokers, realy i think there is a problem of the code, some times when it checks if _root isnot nothing then every time it is true and retuns back, ok if i change the data of the table the sitmap still holds it is old value unlles i made change to the code, the other thing when i checked sql profile every time the program calls the procedure if i change or not, becouse what i was expecting if there is no change of data it was supposed to retain the old value so when i checked the code i can’t see any where used to check if data is changed or not.

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