Tomcat log analysis

Aparently Apache tomcat does not come out of the box enabled with user access logs. We have been using Confluence as a stand alone install which uses Apache tomcat as the J2EE server. On client request for log reports it dawned on us that be default they are not enabled so in a hurry we made changes to the Configuration as listed here . But later when we tried to process logs it turned out that data was not compatable with any log analysis tool. However we changed the log files manually and got awstats to process the logs, which did give some hit details and stuff but not enough reports to be used on a professional level.


1) Use tomcat through Apache server as a proxy, this will involve using mod proxy to service requests. This not only allows the tomcat sites to work on port 80 but also allows apache to log all data

details are listed here Using Apache Virtual Hosts

2) Use Standard version of Apache tomcat and use the Value component listed here
So in short the main alert it, if you expect to generate reports with tomcat make sure that all setup is in place when you install it otherwise there is no one to blame but yourself.

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