Why I did not blog in May

Well it just being lazy and not being motivated to get online during the evening. But the main reason was I guess one of our clients at work. I must say clients with no IT background are the hardest ones to manage since they have got no idea about development and how software works, and hence they cannot understand what a bug is or how long it takes to implement a change request.

So in short I would owe it to work pressure that I did not blog much. However I did come accross no of new things in May that I hope I will investigate a but more and will blog later on, one would be Drupal. Due to the licenses hell of movable type we decided to use drupal for the client which turned out to be quite a blessing, although hard to customize but still it did work out for us.

In addition my commitment to dot net technologies has grown over the month, I love the capabilities of ASP.net and C# and will continue to improve myself in it.

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