“Tag Grammer” or “Tag Trees”

Since tagging has become such a important way to store and retrieve data, I really feel the need to be able to tag data based on a hirarachy. I assume that there is a tagging grammer out there through which I should be able to tag hyperlinks to resources in a tree structure or hirarical categories.

Say e.g if I find a article for ASP.net that is related to datasources and I found it at microsoft site, I should be able to tag it in way like

microsoft : asp.net : datasources

This in return will arrange it in a hirachy , hence if I am searching for microsoft : asp.net that will show me all my tags under that sub category and hence links under that.

I have done a 5 minute search on google to find something like this, but have not been successful to find anything like that for the moment. But will surly like to see something like that that does provide the general user capability to search by simple tags like datasource but at the same time for the experienced user who knows something called a “tag grammer” to make more complex data classification and later on searches.

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