Valentine’s Day to be or not to be

I received an email from one of my mates about valentine’s day, and it had the following link to a site

If you like to know the facts and history of valentine’s day, then could you please have some time to read out

May Allah guid us to the right path. Ameen.

That set me thinking, and I just wanted to express my views about this, and invite your opinion on this issue. Here are my 2 cents

I must add one things here after reading the article, it does not matter if one celebrates valentines day or not on 14th of Feb (or what its history is), that is insignificant if you do not believe in it, but question is how many days do you take out of your busy life to just say to your wife that you love her or to give her a gift to make her happy. I don’t exactly know how giving gifts is treated from religious point of view, so cannot say much about it, but all I can say is when someone gives me a gift that surely makes my day, so I would believe if I give my wife a gift just to show that I love her, no matter how small that gift might be, then it will surly make her day.

Love for God is surly the highest feeling and that should come by default and not have to be imposed, but didnt God make Man for a Women and Women for a Man, so how does a wife’s love compete with God’s love ? There is no comparison, God’s love is first most and eternal, but isnt it God who gave us the gift of family, so isnt this our responsibility to charish that love that God gave us? to share with our loved ones?

So to me loving God does not mean that you should not love your wife, but to me it means that loving God means love your family and specially your wife, so I think it to be more of a responsibility to take time to express love to ones life partner.

But hey that all matters if one wants to show love, or one cares about ones wife. If you are not bothered then please ignore my comment on this.

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