Backup and Restore Exchange Server

Back and Restore Exchange store

There are two main ways to backup and restore exchange.

1) Online backup : Done using windows backup utility or any third party utility. There is a Microsoft Exchange server tab in the backup utility, backup tab. expand that to select your computer and then select the First information store, the First Information store should show the Private and Public folder group. Select the First information store to backup everything below it, make sure that in settings Backup type Normal is selected. This will backup the exchange store, this might take a long time depending on the site of mailboxes.
In order to restore the back , select the restore tab and then left click on the file tree and add the catalog file that was backed up, this will show the full tree of backed up files, selected the store to be restored, the store can be restored to an existing location or to a new server.

2) Offline backup : For this one takes the file backup of the database for exchange. This cannot be done when the Exchange store is mounted, one first needs to unmount the exchange store and then manually copy the database files to an alternate location.

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