“Coldfusion MX” to be or not to be ?

Seems Server crashes is something that coldfusion has to live with for ever. During my 2 years or CF Server administration CF Sever has never behaved the way it should , it always finds ways to crash, and worst thing is that its so hard to debug the cause of the server crash, the CF logs generally not much help when it comes to server crashes. After running smoothly for few months our CF Server on windows 2003 has started to crash, previously it was on linux , but now its happening on windows also. It seems to have occured at the same time as the release of a new version of a CF application. So it might be to do with code, but there is no way to finding that out, so for now its hit and trial. My suggestion for new commers to web development is if they want to reduce cost and maintenance time stay away from CF, use PHP nothing matches PHP with respect to speed, stability and being cross platform, if I have to develop a website for myself it will be php for sure.

Here is one forums post to just site and wonder.


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