windows Event ID 3001 Source : atkctrs

The events registered in the event logs indicate that they are related to AppleTalk protocol.

EventID 2002 Source : Perflib
The open procedure for service “AppleTalk” in DLL “C:\WINNT\system32\atkctrs.dll” has taken longer than the established wait time to complete. There may be a problem with this extensible counter or the service it is collecting data from or the system may have been very busy when this call was attempted.

Event ID 3001 Source : atkctrs

Unable to open ATK device for R access. Returning IO Status Block in Data.

The whole application log is full of these errors,Any idea as to how to sort this out ?

Event ID 1008 Source : Perflib

The Open Procedure for service “AppleTalk” in DLL “C:\WINNT\system32\atkctrs.dll” failed. Performance data for this service will not be available. Status code returned is data DWORD 0.

The various solutions advised for this error are listed at

In addition on MS News forums I got a response related to this issue, that AppleTalk protocol is only needed for older Mac systems since the new onces support TCP/IP protocol and do not need to connect using AppleTalk.

3 thoughts on “windows Event ID 3001 Source : atkctrs

  1. unfortunately I do not remember what I did to sort this one, its been sometime, but as I said check the URL listed above it has some solutions listed in that.

    one solution as listed on the above page at eventid is this

    “After changing my network configuration and removing an internal NIC on my server (now my router handles DHCP) I got this event as well as event 1008 from source Perflib (“The Open Procedure for service “AppleTalk” in DLL C:\WINNT\system32\atkctrs.dll failed…”). I checked my NIC card settings. Where the internal NIC handled appletalk and various other items, now the router does – but I needed to enable appletalk onto my servers external NIC to allow domain logins. Once appletalk was enabled event id’s went away.”

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